A person is considered to be living in a third country

  • if, with respect to the coordination regulations, they live outside the territories of the EU/EEA Member States or Switzerland,
  • if, with respect to bilateral agreements, they live outside Hungary or the territory of a country which is party to the given Agreement.

Applications lodged by a person who emigrated, lives or resides abroad according to the above have been investigated by the Pension Payment Directorate since May 1, 2012. If the application is not submitted personally, the applicant’s identity and signature must be certified on the form used for filing applications (Application form for individuals living abroad) by a public notary or a foreign representation body of Hungary.

Taking into account that neither the scope of the coordination regulations, nor that of the bilateral agreements includes the abovementioned individuals, only the service/insurance time acquired in Hungary may be considered when investigating entitlement.