Each year in March the Pension Payment Directorate initiates the reconciliation of the data of the persons receiving the benefits, living or staying abroad by sending the data reconciliation form.

In 2021, for the first time, data on pensioners living in Australia and Germany will be reconciled in a different way, as can be found at the end of this factsheet.

Form reconciliation:

Pensioners have to return the form sent for reconciliation, duly completed, signed, and certified, within one month of receipt.

A notary public, pension insurance body, other foreign authority, pension fund, payment service provider or the foreign representation body of Hungary is entitled to certify the handwritten signature of the person entitled to benefits on the form.

If the pensioner is in a health or social institution due to his or her state of health or social situation, the accuracy of the data may be authenticated by the head of the institution or a doctor.

If the data reconciliation form, which had been sent, is not returned to the Pension Payment Directorate within one month of receipt, or the existence of entitlement cannot be established due to its inaccurate completion, the payment of the benefit will be suspended.

In case the entitlement can be verified at a later date, the benefit will be paid retroactively for a maximum of 5 years.

From 2021, in the case of pensioners living in the territory of an EEA state or in the territory of a state that has concluded a social security or social policy agreement with Hungary, the data may also be reconciled with the participation of the social security body of that state.

The conditions for mutual data exchange were first established with Germany and Australia.

In 2021, in case of those receiving Hungarian benefits and are residents of Australia or Germany, according to the records of the Pension Payment Directorate, the annual data reconciliation will be carried out with the assistance of the Australian and German pension insurance bodies.

The exchange of data between pension insurance institutions may cover

  • changes in the name,
  • change in the place of residence
  • or mutual communication of possible deaths of the recipient of benefits.


Persons affected by the Australian and German data exchanges will not be sent the usual data reconciliation form in March and will therefore be released from the obligations to complete, authenticate and return the form. Interested parties will be notified by letter.

However, persons receiving benefits residing in Germany or Australia are obliged to continue to report facts, data and circumstances affecting the payment of benefits that are not included in the exchange of data with the foreign body.

This change could be, for example, a change in the bank account number and in case of a widow pension, a remarriage.

It is also advisable to notify the Pension Payment Directorate if the pensioners residing in a place other than his or her address for an extended period of time.

The notification must be made within 15 days following the change to the address below.


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Legistation: Regulation applicable from 1 July 2020. implemented in 76. § (1) of the Government Decree 168/1997 (X. 6.) on the implementation of Act LXXXI of 1997 on Social Security Pension Benefits.


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